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Specification of Solar Flat

Solar Flat

Solid Polycarbonate Roofing SOLARFLAT FEATURES:
Solarflat Clear As Glass
Solarflat 250 x stronger than glass, and 20 x stronger than Acrylic
Solarflat Flat Surface And Smooth
Solarflat Resistant To Leak, Under The Correct Installation
Solarflat Is Highly Resistant To Collisions And Hold Burst
Solarflat Flexible And Easy To Be Installed
Solarflat Lightweight, So Sparing In The Use Of The Framework
Solarflat Resistant To Weather Changes And Sinar Uv
Solarflat Could Be A Soundproof Partition


Solid Polycarbonate Roof APPLICATIONS SOLARFLAT:
The Transparent Roof, Canopy, Gazebo, Turret
The Roof Of The Greenhouse
The Perimeter Highway Soundproofing
Partition For Public Buildings That Are Exposed By The Collision And Vandalism
Plastic For Security Needs And Your Securities
Riot Shield
Protective Machinery Factory
Signage, Lights, Neon Lights
Billboards, Decoration Lampu


Solid Polycarbonate Roofing SOLARFLAT SPECIFICATIONS:
Pattern: Plain (PLAIN), Embossed (Texture)
Size:-1 x 6mtr 22mtr, (6 mm)
-1 x 20mtr 22mtr, (3 mm)
-1 x 50mtr 22mtr, (1, 2 mm)
Thickness (Mm): 1, 2 mm-3 mm-6 mm
Color: Clear, Bronze, Grey

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