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Polycarbonate SOLARLITE
Polycarbonate SOLARLITE
Polycarbonate SOLARLITE
Polycarbonate SOLARLITE
Polycarbonate SOLARLITE
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Specification of Polycarbonate SOLARLITE

Polycarbonate roof has the following advantages:
Lightweight (85% lighter than silica glass).
Transparent material with a wide selection of color effects.
Resistant broken to hard impact (250x stronger than silica glass and 20x stronger than acrylic).
Waterproof, outdoor weather and temperature changes (-40o s / d 120o C).
UV and UV resistant chemicals.
Excellent as a medium for heat insulator and electric current insulator.
Easy to work, transport and storage (can be rolled).
Easy to make the shape of the arch according to the desired roof design.
Easy to clean with plain soapy water.
Slow burn, does not cause fire.
Environmentally friendly, recyclable.

Application Field:

- Outdoor canopy
- Home garage
- Swimming pool
- Patio and gazebo
- Sports stadium
- Conservatory
- Bus shelters
- Pedestrian bridge
- Recreational / golf vehicles
- Skylights for indoor room lighting
- Hall
- Sport Centre
- Warehouse, etc.
- Roof and wall of green house (greenhouse)
- Window building (glazing)
- Railing stairs and balconies
- Office room partition
- Signboard, neon box, exhibition display

color: Gray, Bronze, Blue, Green, CLEAR
Size: 2.10 x 11.80 mtr

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