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Pvc Roof Sunpanel
Pvc Roof Sunpanel
Pvc Roof Sunpanel
Pvc Roof Sunpanel
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Specification of Pvc Roof Sunpanel

U-PVC roof SUNPANEL suitable for buildings and industry in the area near the sea, or corrosive locations with concentrated acids and salts, SUNPANEL is ideal because it is made of uPVC will not probably rusted forever and are very resistant to chemicals.

The advantage of using Roofing PVC-u SUNPANEL:
1. without insulation (Tempratur cooler than using zinc/zincalume)
2. no noisy when it rains
3. resistant to aSam and salt
4. resistant to UV (Ultra Violet) Sun
5. hold the load up to 100 kg (very strong, will not break even stepped on it)
6. do not menjalarkan fire and electricity.
7. no wasteful order
8. Hold up to 10 years (under warranty)


Effective width: 77cm
Wave height: 4 cm
Thickness: 12 mm
Length: 3, 4, 5, 6 mtr
Weight: 4.40 kg/m '
Color Choices: Blue & BRIGHT White


The roof of the factory (including factory chemicals da n processing), sports stadiums, industrial agribusiness (agriculture, fisheries, livestock and plantations), warehousing, commercial building (mall, supermarket, shops) and others

Installation of the roof of the PVC-u SUNPANEL can be started from any side

1. install the purlins or skeleton to support the roof of PVC-u SUNPANEL to be in pairs. The maximum distance between the purlins are

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