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Pvc Roof Invideck
Pvc Roof Invideck
Pvc Roof Invideck
Pvc Roof Invideck
Pvc Roof Invideck
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Specification of Pvc Roof Invideck

The roof is Corrugated plastic INVIDECK made from poly vinyl manufactured with cutting-edge technology to produce a product that is of high quality, resistant to very heavy loads, resistant to acids and salt.
The roof of the INVIDECK has a layer of ANTI-UV and foam on the middle layer so that it is capable of reducing up to 70% of heat and soundproof.

UPVC roof INVIDECK can be applied as wall coverings and it is suitable to replace the roof productsmade of asbestos, fiber and metal.


1. The roof of the warehouse and the factory
2. Wall coverings
3. Commercial buildings (Sports Hall, Mall and shops)

1. Cooler than other uPVC roof because of the technology layer of foam that exist in the middle layer of uPVC
2. no NOISY when it rains because the technology layer of foam
3. Corrosion resistant and fire
4. Installation is very quick and

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