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Aluminium Foil FOAM 2mm
Aluminium Foil FOAM 2mm
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Sell Aluminium Foil FOAM 2mm

Specification of Aluminium Foil FOAM 2mm

Details of Aluminum Foam Foil 2mm

Aluminum Foam Foil Application:
- Commercial Buildings
- Industry
- Livestock
- Residential home
- Warehouse
- Factory

Advantages of Aluminum Foam Foil:
- Has bounce 97% heat radiation
- Clean and does not contain ingredients that cause cancer / asthma
- The material is very light, flexible and easy to install
- Strong, tear resistant and not easy to leak
- Hold moisture of air / water
- Hold the wind
- Do not spread the Fire
- Durable (does not invite birds, fungi, and insects)
- Can reflect light so save electricity
- Guaranteed

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