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Specification of Aluminum Foil Bubble

Whether it's Aluminium Foil Bubble "COOL STAR"?

COOL STAR Aluminium Foil Bubble is the latest insulation technology and is a replacement for the old model GLASSWOLL insulation.
Aluminium Foil Bubble COOL STAR offers superior thermal, easy to use, saving, fire-resistant, safe for the environment and healthy for homeowners and home builders.
Aluminium Foil Bubble STAR COOL is a combination of 99, 5% pure aluminum, plastic bubbles that are best and 99, 5% pure aluminum.

What ability Aluminium Foil Bubble "COOL STAR"?
COOL STAR Aluminum Foil Bubble is insulation which uses NASA technology that can make your home cooler air outside despite the heat. The secret is Aluminium Foil Bubble impede COOL STAR 3 types of heat transfer, namely RADIATION (Reflects 97% of heat radiation), conduction (Protect your home / building from the sun), and confection (Closing the cold from the outside to the meeting).

Applications Aluminum Foil Bubble COOL STAR:
- Commercial Buildings
- Industry
- Ranch
- Residential home
- Warehouse
- Factory

Excellence Aluminium Foil Bubble COOL STAR:
- Has a 97% reflective heat radiation
- Clean and does not contain ingredients that cause cancer / asthma
- The material is very lightweight, flexible and easy to install
- Strong, tear resistant and do not easily leak
- Hold'll humidity / water
- Hold the wind
- Not spreading fire
- Durable (not invite birds, fungi, and insects)
- To reflect the light so as to save electricity
- Guaranteed

SIZE: 1 X 30 mtr

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