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PT. Multec Steel (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Pt. Multec Steel
Polycarbonate Sheet And Stainless Steel Pipes Supplier

Now A Days, Polycarbonate Sheet Has Various Usage Such As :
1. Roof Lights Of Canopy For Office Buildings, Department Stores, Hotel, Schools, Amusement Centers, Hospitals, Etc
2. Sound Absorption Wall For Freeways And High-Speed Railways
3. Indoors Swimming Pools, Sun Bath Pools And Green House
4. Subway Exits, Parking Lots, Bus Stops, Shopping Arcades, Large Stadium And Rain Tents
5. Signs Boards For Advertisement, Houseing Glasses, Sidewalk, Sight Windows, Sunshades And Shower Doors

Features Of Polycarbonate Sheet :
1. The Light Transmission Is Form 60% - 85% Depending On Different Colour And Thickness
2. Attributing To The Proprietary Uv Surface, Polycarbonate Sheets Remain Perfect Mechanical And Optical Properties After Long Time Using
3. Due To Its Perfect Impact Resistence Properties, Polycarbonate Sheet Is Difficult Tobe Broken During Transportation. Its Impact Strength Is 10-27 Times As Much As Plexiglass
4. Attributing To Its Hollow Structure, Our Pc Sheet Can Reduce The Energy Consumption
5. Attributing To Its Hollow Structure And Properties Of Polycarbonate Resin, Our Pc Sheet Is In Perfect Sound Insulation
6. According To Gb8624-1997, Fire Retardant Of Pc Sheet Is In The Grade Of B1
7. Easy Installation And Can Be Cold Bent.


JL Jelambar Utama Raya No. 9D Jakarta Barat 11460
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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